Droptine Outdoors The General



Our 5” swimbait, the General is our “Go-To” for bigger predatory fish.  The large paddle tail creates enormous amounts of vibration and movement when being reeled in, creating an enticing look that aggressive fish cannot resist.  When our Minutemen swimbaits aren’t big enough, call in the General and watch the bite transpire.  Although General’s don’t lead on the battlefield, we based ours off of Dr. Joseph Warren.  A true Patriot who was commissioned a Major General just prior to the Battle of Bunker Hill, who served during the Battle as a Private rather than exercising his rank, later being killed in the Battle when British Troops stormed Breed’s Hill.  Throw our General towards a fallen tree, or use it trolling, and watch your line get tight!

Quantity: 3 in a Pack

Size: 5”

Plastic Firmness: III (I-IV)

Scent:  Napalm Craw/Squid



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Weight 39.689332375 kg

Bayonet (Grey Shiner)