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True American Small Business

Supporting those who employ our fellow Americans.

Up until the last 40 years America was a manufacturing powerhouse. This changed due to labor prices in other countries being drastically lower than homebound. With this shift, we lost the quality products that would last years to come We as a society lost pride in ourselves by selling out for far less superior options and letting greed set in. 

At Toadally American we aim to promote great small American businesses that make most of their product(s) here in the great United States.

A staggering 95% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. Together we can make a stand and change our consumer habits to better our nation and the growth of our small American Businesses. 


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Reasons to Buy American Made

Supporting those who employ our fellow Americans.

By keeping manufacturing within our home country we are able to employ more of our American citizens for years to come. Over the years China has had their economy boom from homebound manufacturing, its time we do the same.

As with the recent news with costs of goods going up in price; much of our lumber, medications, computer components, and other general goods come from overseas. 

When American businesses choose to keep their manufacturing within the USA, they are able to closely monitor production easier along with using more American resources. In the 1980s we seen many vehicles come from overseas that used recycled metals. These recycled metals consisted of rust infested metals, which resulted in many vehicles on the roads becoming rust buckets. 

Investors used to favor the American economy but have since dwindled over the years as more favorable investments are coming from other economically growing countries. 

China is known for their excessive pollution caused by their massive amounts of factories. Unlike the United States these factories face little to no regulation when it comes to pollution. This pollution gets into our waterways and farmland which can cause severe impact on our health and ecosystems.